Fire Prevention Systems

We help our customers proactively safeguard people, assets and revenue.

Fire Prevention Systems

We help our customers proactively safeguard people, assets and revenue.

Our Systems

2/3 of all fires start in the engine room!

The engine room constitutes a considerable source of risk, as this is where HFO, MGO, Methanol and other fuels under pressure meets hot surfaces which can ignite unintended leaking gas or oil mist vapors.

Our proactive fire prevention system is made to prevent it!

Fires are expensive in terms of finance, image and fatalities.  Let us help prevent it! 


“Safety as our absolute 1st priority”
“ESVAGT has safety as our absolute 1st priority, and as a natural consequence of this, we chose in 2012 to equip all our ships with DASPOS LAS-10 systems, just as all new ships are also equipped with this system.

The system ensures fast and accurate detection of even very small amounts of oil or gas spills in situations that could potentially contribute to triggering a fire, and we thereby achieve an early warning, which in many cases can make a decisive difference to it. further course.

This extra safety for our sailing colleagues and for our ships is crucial for ESVAGT, and I can therefore definitely recommend the DASPOS LAS-10 system.”
Kristian Ole Jakobsen, Deputy CEO / ESVAGT, Denmark.
“A must have system”
“The DASPOS Atmospheric Oil mist and Hydrocarbon leakage detection system in my opinion is a must have onboard vessels. The system is easy to set up and is not invasive and after calibrating the equipment runs efficiently and effectively. The obvious installation reason is to prevent fires from fuel leakage however I go a step further and as soon as a system onboard has said leakage and sounds the alarm the operator can tend to the area in question and stop further leakage. By doing so this eliminates man power in the spaces that would have been needed to clean up the oil leak I am very happy with this product”.
XX Cruise Line, Alan Wilson, Manager Technical Operations
“Very early first indication”
“Daspos is a good first indication that Oil mist/Fuel mist is in the air, way before anybody can pick it up themselves, so an extra layer of protection and a very early first indication for fire prevention. A good added system over the years, especially if the CCTV Camera system is straight away pinpoint the area of concern for the engineers on duty. Topped off with Hi-Fog and bilge foaming a real improvement to the overall safety onboard an ships engine room”.
YY Cruise Line, Martin Rohn, Chief Engineer
“The DASPOS system already proved its value. Both service and system is great and we feel safe.”



Safe Journey

A wide range of vessels with a very high level of safety – with DASPOS systems onboard.

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