Signed agreement with NAG Marine, US

nag marine

February 4, 2021

DASPOS International Inc. has  in its mission to prevent engine room fires before they occur and bring ships and people back to port safely, partnered with NAG  Marine, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

NAG Marine will sell and service the DASPOS Fire Prevention System including the LAS -10 Detector and H-18 Hot Box Detector to the US maritime market with a primary focus on ships of the US NAVY, Military Sealift Command, Maritime Administration, US Coast Guard, and US ARMY afloat.

About NAG Marine

NAG Marine was originally founded in 1999 to service the fluid systems monitoring and control needs of US Navy vessels. Over the last 20 years, NAG has expanded its product portfolio to include additional products and technologies for shipboard application. They follow all of their products with dedicated service internationally.