Deep roots in maritime safety

DASPOS was founded in 2010 to meet a need in the shipping industry for more effective, reliable and faster detection of fires in vessel engine rooms. The ultimate goal was to be able to predict a fire breaking out before damage could be done.

To meet this need, Lars Gerner Lund and Torben Jørgensen began working with several large shipping companies to develop a new approach to making vessel engine rooms safer places to work – both for the people who work directly in the engine room and for other employees and stakeholders at risk of being affected by fires aboard a vessel. These latter include:

• Passengers on board ferries and cruise ships.
• The owner or operator, whose reputation depends on a good safety record.
• Customers who count on their goods being delivered on time.
• Shipping company technical departments, which must quickly resolve disruptions to services.
• Insurance companies, which must bear a large part of the cost of vessel repairs etc.

Career opportunities
At DASPOS, we are always open to hearing from talented engineers, salespeople and others with an interest and experience in our work. Feel free to contact us at


Torben Jørgensen
CTO Co-founder and partner.

Lars Gerner Lund
COO Co-founder and partner.

Board members:
Flemming Bekker

Henrik Specht