What customers are saying about the LAS-10

The DASPOS LAS-10 is being installed on a steadily growing number of vessels around the world. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about their LAS-10 installations.


Company: Carnival Corporation & plc

Who: Deputy Director, Technical Safety Systems

Holland America Group, Serving Holland America Line and Seabourn.

DASPOS A/S is a company adapting easily to the customer’s needs. They are working closely together with the designated project managers evaluating carefully each situation after a thorough smoke simulation test is done in the machinery spaces to determine the correct amount of the detectors needed.

DASPOS A/S has been extremely flexible over the period of installations and listen to suggestions and request when there was a need for changes or improvement of the installations. In this way both the operating lines as well DASPOS A/S learned from each other making it a solid and reliable early warning system.

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Company: Mærsk

Who: Michael S. Chief Engineer, July 2010 and Frank B. Chief Engineer, October 2010

Conclusions after 10 weeks in operation
“The system seems reliable enough. After some initial issues with the gas sensors causing high readings, there has been no faulty alarms. No maintenance has been performed by crew at this time, which is a requirement from our side. We do not wish for a real event verification of triggering function, understand DTI guarantee this”.

MS, Chief Engineer, July 2010

Conclusions after 20 weeks in operation
“In general the system has been behaving very well, although we haven’t actually seen it in action as we have had no real oil leak since installation. However, the reaction of the “sensors” when exposed to oil fumes, i. e. opening ME crank case doors, indicates that we would get an alarm if a real oil leak occured. All in all the system seems reliable and user friendly”.

Frank B, Chief Engineer, October 2010