Customized installation and integration

The DASPOS LAS-10 is installed and commissioned as a complete system, including the optimal number of detectors, and smartly integrated monitor and control unit, and the required pre-commissioning smoke test.

In the engine room
Detectors are installed near oil treatment facilities, heaters, filters, strainers, purifiers, clarifiers, homogenizers, pumps and similar units, as well as around your main and auxiliary engines. For optimal protection, the exact number and location of your detectors will depend on the layout of your vessel. The Control Unit and PSU are normally located in the engine room or engine control room.

On the bridge
The smart LAS-10 Monitor integrates easily with the other control and monitoring systems on the bridge. When an alarm sounds, the main screen on the Monitor zooms in to the area where trouble is detected.


On smaller vessels, a scaled-down LAS-10 system can be installed and operated right in the engine room.

The system integrates with other alarm systems, camera-based monitoring systems, automated fire extinguisher systems and so on – and is easily operated from a central control station.